Dead Channel JP

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

Neuromancer —— William Gibson

— About US

Dead Channel JP = the Sci-Fi writers association in Chiba City

About Our People

Dead Channel JP is an association of professional Sci-Fi writers who have relationships with Chiba City. Sci-fi writers may qualify for membership in any of the following ways.

  • Born in Chiba City.
  • Living or having lived in Chiba City.
  • Working or attending school / having worked or attended school in Chiba City.


  • Helping each other as authors in one little city.
  • Promoting both locally and globally to make their activities recognizable.
  • Playing an important role in the Sci-Fi culture in Chiba City.


Why do we quote from "Neuromancer"?

One of the most famous lines of Science Fiction describes the sky of Chiba City!

— Members

Muneo Ishikawa

Muneo Ishikawa石川宗生


Muneo Ishikawa is a Sci-Fi writer, a travel sketcher, and a translator. Born in Chiba at Novermber 11th, 1984. Studied astrophysics at Ohio Wesleyan University. After graduation, he started his career as an English-to-Japanese translator. Remarkable translations are “INSIDE FERRARI” and “Memory Power: You Can Develop A Great Memory--America's Grand Master Shows You How”.

Besides working as a translator, he has traveled all over the world for 4 years. Studied French in Marocco for 3 months and Spanish in Mexico and Guatemala for a year; as a result, he devoted himself to Hispanoamérica literature.

In 2016, he won the 7th Sogen SF Short Story Contest with “19329 Daisuke Yoshida” and made his debut as a writer. Published his first book, “Cloven World”in 2018. Now writing travel sketch of Central Asia and Eastern Europe at Web Mysteries of Sogensha. Also writing Sci-Fi flash fiction at Shousetsu Subaru.

He likes fantasy, Sci-Fi, and kafkaesque. He is also a fan of writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Juan Rulfo, Richard Brautigan, and so on.

List of Works

  • “Cloven World”(半分世界), 2018 Tokyo Sogensha, finalist of the 39th Japan SF Grand Prize
  • “White and Black Darby”(白黒ダービー小史) 2017 Tokyo Sogensha, finalist of the 49th Seiun Award Short Story Section
  • “19329 Daisuke Yoshida”(吉田同名) 2016 Tokyo Sogensha, won the 7th Sogen SF Short Story Award, nominee of the 48th Seiun Award
  • “Hotel Arcadia”(ホテル・アルカディア) 2020 Shueisha, won the 30th Bunkamura DEUX MAGOTS Award

Selected Reviews

Recalled Italo Calvino, Steven Millhauser, Seth Fried, and various writers, Muneo Ishikawa's works are unique in the way of showing impossible situations and resolving them in a Copernican revolution. Now I know the charm of reading his works. Looking forward to his next work.

Dempow Torishima

Ladies and gentlemen, please be prepared to take off your hat.

Hirotaka Tobi

Unfortunately, genius. Surprising skills. Sentences are overwhelming as a newcomer, and metaphors break your stereotypes. His thesis seems like a fish story accidentally born in conversations, but it goes far as it grows like an egg breaks its own shell. It's not either a boring moral or a sob story, but it displays a landscape outside of laughing, which you have never seen.

Toe EnJoe

Am Nagra

Am Nagra名倉編


Am Nagra is a writer good at metafications including Sci-Fi and Mystery. Born in Kyoto at July 23rd, 1989. Living in Chiba City. Studied physics at Tokyo Metropolitan University. He likes wordplay appearing in his pen name, which is an anagram of "anagram".

He participated Genron Ohomori Nozomi Sci-Fi Workshop in 2016 and wrote novelettes every month. After graduation, he won the 58th Mephisto Award. Hits first book "Alternative Sekaikei" is a conjunction of Sekaikei and Naroukei which are 2 major type in Japanese fictions. It evokes philosophical questions about relationships and ethics between authors and characters.

List of Works

  • "Alternative Sekaikei"(異セカイ系), 2018 Kodansha, won the 58th Mephisto Award

Selected Reviews

A question about charaters is a question about love, and also a novel about characters is a philosophical thought experiment about love. Inheriting Motoko Arai's "...Speechless"(…絶句), Nagura updates it in this internet environment. This is a new born masterpiece of philosophical characters' novels. Narrative parts written in Kansai dialect are also good!

Hiroki Azuma

How "Harlem End" can be acceptable? "Alternative Sekaikei" renovates Sekaikei to Naroukei, mix the New Orthodox School Detective Novels, and extends the connections between every possible worlds. This is a strongest wide-screen metafication! The narrator is a very good man to make my tears drop.

Nozomi Ohmori(A Sci-Fi Anthologist)

Satoshi Ogawa

Satoshi Ogawa小川哲


Satoshi Ogawa is a Japanese fiction writer. Born in Chiba City on December 25th, 1986. Growing up in "Danchi," which is a modern condominium built in Japan's high economic growth era, he read all of Hayakawa's Sci-Fi paperbacks on his father's bookshelf, who was a typical book warm. He entered Makuhari Senior and Junior High School and then entered the University of Tokyo, tracing the ideal student's career in Chiba. At first, he studied science but changed his major subject to literature. He studied Kenji Nakagami, who was a representative writer in the Japanese 1990's. In his doctorate courses of the College of Art and Science, he studied Alan Mathieson Turing. He likes online games like "Fortnite" but never uses SNS.

Studying at the university in 2015, he won the 3rd Hayakawa Sci-Fi Contest with "This side of Eutronica" and made his debut as a writer. His 2nd book "Game Kingdom" won the 38th Japan Sci-Fi Award Grandprix and the 31st Yamamoto Shugoro Award. As a result of this quick success, he is receiving a lot of attention. In spite of issuing 2 Sci-Fi books from his debut and recognizing himself as a Sci-Fi writer, people think his target will be overwrapping across multiple genres. His recent work "the Map and the Fist"(地図と拳) is apparently a historical drama which draws Manchuria before WWⅡ leaving an echo of Michel Houellebecq's "La carte et la territoire" in the title.

List of Works

  • "This side of Eutronica"(ユートロニカのこちら側), 2015 Hayakawa Books, won the 3rd Hayakawa Sci-Fi Contest
  • "Game Kingdom"(ゲームの王国), 2017 Hayakawa Books, won the 38th Japan Sci-Fi Award Grand Prix and the 31st Yamamoto Shugoro Award
  • “the Last Bad Boy”(最後の不良), 2017 CCC Media House, Collected in “Sci-Fi Best Collection of This Year: Project Sherlock”, 2018 Tokyo Sōgensha
  • “the Magician”(魔術師), 2018 Hayakawa Books, Collected in “Best Short Stories Collection of Today's Novels 2019” Tokuma Shoten.
  • “Lies and Canons”(嘘と正典), 2019 Hayakawa Books, Nominated for the 162nd Naoki Award.
  • "How to Beat Sci-Fi writers"(SF作家の倒し方), 2021 Hayakawa Books, won the 53rd Seiun Award for short stories.
  • "the Map and the Fist"(地図と拳), 2022 Shūeisha, won the 13th Yamada Fūtarō Award and the 168th Naoki Sanjūgo Award.

Selected Reviews

I was surprised by this extremely talented newcomer and finally felt like, "Ogawa-san, please save our novel universe!"

Kōtarō Isaka

He is also a Supernova in the Japanese scene of Sci-Fi.

Miyuki Miyabe

(The 31st Yamamoto Shugoro Award review) While reading, I felt excitement that I have never known.

Mitsuyo Kakuta

Fumiki Takahashi

Fumiki Takahashi高橋文樹


Fumiki Takahashi is a Japanese writer, web developer, and father of four children. Born in Chiba city on August 16th, 1979. Studied French literature at the University of Tokyo to trace his literary idle Kenzaburo Oe. In 2001 at the age of 21, he started his career with fiction about incest "Stop Over". In 2007, got the Shincho Fresh Award with "Aureliano is coming". In the same year, he founded the literary web magazine Hametuha and started efforts for e-publishing. Kyouichi Sagawa, Sayo Ononda, and Juan.B are new talents grown up there.

He started writing Sci-Fi in 2016. Participating in Genron Ohmori Nozomi Sci-Fi Workshop, he got the Hirotaka Tobi Award with "Until Yesterday". He also organizes a Sci-Fi magazine Sci-Fire with alumni of Genron School and Sci-Fi podcasting Dahlgren Radio. His recent work "Mind Your P's and Q's" is collected in "The Best Collection of Short Stories 2018".

List of Works

  • “Stop Over”(途中下車), 2001 Gentosha, Winning Gentōsha 1st NET Students Literature Award Grand Prix
  • “Aureliano is coming”(アウレリャーノがやってくる), 2007 Shinchōsha, Winning The 39th Shincho Fresh Award Grandprix
  • “Until Yesterday”(昨日までのこと), 2017 Genron, Winning Genron SF Fresh Award Hirotaka Tobi Prize
  • “Mind your P’s and Q’s”(pとqには気をつけて), 2018 Shūeisha, Collected in “Best Short Stories Collection of Today's Novels 2019” Tokuma Shoten
  • “Hope to See Your Sky”(あなたの空が見たくて), 2019 Sci-Fire, Collected in “the 14 Sci-Fi Stories to Survive the New World”2022, Hayakawa Books
  • “Too silent to listen”(静かすぎて聞こえない), 2020 Shūeisha, "Shōsetsu Subaru 2020 January"
  • “To the Last Drop”(とどめの一滴), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2019 Bewildering Stories
  • “A Homeroom Meeting”(かえりの会), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2019 Another Chicago Magazine
  • “All About Youth”(若者のすべて), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2019 LIT Magazine
  • “At the Church”(教会にて), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2020 March Eckleburg Review
  • “Blood Runs Deep”(ラッシュ・ブラッド), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2020 March“Mount Hope"
  • “A Great Song You've Never Heard Before”(いい曲だけど名前は知らない), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2020 April Asymptote
  • “Shining White”(輝ける白), translated by Toshiya Kamei, 2020 July GHLL
  • “Days Before Yesterday”(昨日までのこと), translated by Toshiya Kamei, “Aurelia Leo”2020
  • “Grown-Ups Don't Give Way”(大人はゆずってくれない), translated by Toshiya Kamei, “Gargoyle Magazine”2020


  • “Hasta la última gota”(とどめの一滴), tlanslated by Toshiya Kamei, 2020 January Korad

Selected Reviews

(About "Aureliano is coming") Anyway, his skills are genuine to complete such a "Grand Hotel Style" story without any failure. Possibly, he might be in his first step to much greater novels that I've never thought of.

Yoko Ogawa

(About “Mind your P’s and Q’s”) Takahashi writes any kind of stories very well. His characters are animated and he also has literary profundity. He seems to be able to write anything. I read without any stress and just feel awesome. None creates such story. It's really difficult to imagine and write that kind of story.

Hirotaka Tobi

A novel is medium for readers with which the writer fix informations to stroies. “Stop Over”apparently has an intention to inform the writer's personal information. As a result, it describes well the sense that the world is blocked up.

Ryu Murakami

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  • Miscellaneous questions about us e.g. fact checks


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  • According to published works, please contact to publishing company before requesting pemission to us.
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